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Program of the RAFWWH Activities in 2012 – 2014


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Российская Ассоциация

историков первой мировой войны

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Program of the RAFWWH Activities

in 2012 – 2014


            1. Conferences and Seminars:

– Annual Meetings of the Association, Moscow, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) Institute of World History, RAS Institute of the Slavic Studies, Academy of the General Staff Institute of Military History, Moscow, April 2012, February 2013, March 2014;

– Round Table “The Summer Offensive of the Russian Army in 1917: Key Problems, Historiography and Results”, Academy of the General Staff Institute of Military History, Moscow, May 2012;

– International Seminar “The Origins of the First World War: New Sources, New Approaches”, Moscow, RAS Institute of World History, April 2013;

            – International Conference “WWI – the Prologue of theCentury”, Moscow, RAS Institute of World History, June 2014.   

2. Publications:

– Encyclopedic Dictionary ‘The First World War’, January 2012 – July 2014;

– Collection of papers by Russian and foreign scholars on the Habsburg monarchy during the Great War and in the aftermath, January – May 2012;

– Annual almanac of the RAFWWH, June 2012;

– Collection of papers by Russian and foreign historians ‘Studying the Key Aspects of the First World War’, February – March 2013;

– Collection of documents ‘Europe and the First World War’, June 2013.


3. On-line Publications:

– Participation in the creation of the International Encyclopedia of the First World War (by the Free University of Berlin and the German Historical Institute in Moscow), January 2012 – July 2014.

4. A series of talk-shows and broadcasts on the federal TV and radio channels in Russia – 2012 – 2014.

5.  Participation in the arrangement for the international exhibition of artifacts relating to the First World War – Moscow, State Historical Museum, June – August 2014 (in cooperation with the military-historical museums in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Poland).

6. Participation in the arrangements for tourist activity in the places of the WWI battles (Ukraine, Byelorussia) – 2012 – 2014. 

7. Participation in various international conferences and seminars which are held in Europe, the USA and Asia by universities, research academic centers and public societies for the First World War studies – 2011 – 2014.


            Discussed at the meeting of the RAFWWH Council, Moscow, 16 February 2011.

Adopted at the Annual Conference of RAFWWH, Moscow, 31 May 2011.



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