Российская ассоциация историков Первой мировой войны



ARTICLE I.The Russian Association of the First World War Historians is a public noncommercial organization acting on the principles of voluntary participation, self-administration and publicity, and relying on the independent action, initiative and creativity of its members.

ARTICLE 4.The main goal of the Association is to promote in every possible way studies of the First World War history and to contribute to the renaissance and development of the Motherland.

ARTICLE 5.The Association sets itself the following tasks:

 (a) to carry out activity aimed at the revival and development of Russian historical science in the field of the First World War history cooperating with our country’s and foreign research, methodological and educational centers, museums, libraries and archives;

 (b) to support fulfillment of the real academic potential, the maintenance and development of the Russian historiography traditions in the field of the First World War studies;

 (c) to stimulate establishment and enlargement of the creative contacts between historians and their organizations in Russia and other countries involved in the study of the First World War history;

 (d) to promote in every possible way the dissemination of truthful information and new knowledge about the role of the Russian peoples and the Russian State in the First World War in Russian society as well as about the sources and consequences of the harmful militarization of countries, and about the lessons of this historical process.

ARTICLE 7.The Association unites both collective and individual members who accept its Statute and participate in the Association activities eagerly and pay membership fees on the regular basis. Any collective, institute and public organization can affiliate to the Association as its branches. Any citizen of Russia as well as foreign citizens and persons without citizenship who comes of age and takes interest in the First World War history may join the Association as an individual member.

Автор: В.В. Тихонов | Дата добавления: 2011-12-18 | Просмотров: 2010

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